Sep 5, 2009

Sharing & Caring

Surely i will love to share anything with you. And you know well, it was you who encouraged me to do so. If you remember, earlier i had told you that i dont want to get engaged in this dialogue as i have my own reasons for that and you had said that you will never be convinced whatsoever. I completely understand your perspective and stance on the subject, and believe me i dont have any arguments to oppose your view. There can be no reasons for denying 'anyone' of their rights. All humans deserve equal treatment. All are equal and there are NO "more equals."
And I thank you for truly appreciating my patterns now. With you i have always liked to share whatever i have in my life, and no other in this community has been so close to me. I am pleased that i revealed it to you and no other than you. Probably 'no other' could have understood it better than you do. Is that chemistry ?
I sure will love to share whatever is in my heart and whatever emerges. things do come up and bother from time to time and till now i have been fighting them alone. I am glad i have a companion now to share with and trust me, i am a good listener too.
Thanx for your so much love and thinking of me that way. You have often touched my soul with your kind words and love. And i surely look forward to read you, remain in constant contact with you and be touched with your ever consoling words. To me you are more than a sister, as i could not even share it with my brother and sister and not even with my wife.
Life is good when your sweetness surrounds me

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  1. Happy Birthday, Whisper. Sounds as if things are really happening in your part of the world. Are you ok??

    S'neat to see your words here. I assume this is really you, yourself.

    Take care!!