Sep 3, 2009

Animal Like Humanity ???

I hope to be always engaged in a steady exchange of healing and nurturing exchanges with you. Even, gods-willing, beyond the grave! It's true, isn't it, all things come to an end (as you yourself have been in the habit of reminding me!)

You words over on seochris's blog have been breath-takingly important, dear one. We must strive to stay connected with whatever may emerge as a result - both in you and in me. We may be connected way more mysteriously than we've yet allowed for! At any rate, we're both survivors of childhood sexual oppression by adult(s). I fear this is true for way more than have taken liberty to face that truth. Humanity can be so animal-like.

Anyway *please* let's see if we can structure a way to stay connected through these sharings. Now, if ever before, may be a good time to work out the IM system of engagement. You think?

All good things to you. I do believe we are spiritual siblings - and love thinking of you this way.

ps - please promise me you will save your comments on xyz's blog to your personal journal; I think you'll want to add to it over time (particularly from the vantage point of sitting beneath one of those trees that are growing with your care, and that are sure to house beautiful songbirds.)


  1. Beautifully worded and so true, I would like to link to this post on my Tibby and Charlie blog

  2. you will not believe it but i had a similar experience to this keep writing