Sep 9, 2009

Hooker - Epilogue

Are you married ? , he asked..
She remained silent and then whispered please let me go...stop the car.
No, ... I mean I really want to help if you have a family to support and do all this due to financial reasons... He said with all sincerity.
Just stop the car and stop asking me questions... She shouted this time
He stopped the car and let her go, afraid that she might not create a scene here to get public attention or black mail... thinking to himself what a fool he had been, how could he not see it through that she was not a she ... still carrying a suspicion in his mind that he might be wrong and she really was a woman. He had purposely drove beyond the block he had wanted to go. He turned around from the next U turn and passed the place where he had dropped her. She saw her moving in another direction ... he moved on thinking about her...
She had experienced such people before. But there were few instances like that. People had hardly wanted her to take off her veil in the dark in the excitement of what was to follow. She worked so fine that they never even noticed his shaven. 
This man was trying to be clever. He thought to himself. What the fxxx he knows about me and my problems. Haa ! financial reasons, family to support. Bastard.  Why people think they can help when they really hate when they know what and who you are. My kids and wife will be waiting for me at home to bring food for them. This guy wasted almost half an hour. I should have chosen some other place to stand. Where to go now? I hardly have time. Will I be able to earn few bucks to feed my kids. All day gone waste. No job, no work in the whole world for me. I had chosen this as a part time profession so that I could fulfil my fatherly duties. I have been able to do nothing for my family. They trust me for everything. How will I manage to survive like this. How long God ??? How long ??? 
He saw another car approaching... She styled... raised her arm up...fist closed...thumb up
(This is a story of a place where veil is commonly used by women to hide their faces) 

Sep 7, 2009

Hooker - Part Two

He threw her hand aside saying, "Wait a minute. Before we move forward you got to remove your veil."
"There is no fun removing my veil when you don't want to have any kind of enjoyment.", She said in her manlike voice and folded her arms on her belly.
The car on the move...
By now the man had realized that he had made a mistake, giving her a lift. She could be a male, female or a shemale. Now he suddenly observed her hands were also unfeminine.  He again looked in her fully made up colourful eyes and said, "You got to show me your face first, I want to know you are really a female or otherwise?"
"What do you mean by that ? Let me get off here... I just wanted to do you a favour in return to your favour and you have started to compare me with gays ?", said she.
"Well I don't mean to hurt you but I really want to be sure because you don't look feminish, the way you sound and your appearance", he said what he really felt in his heart.
 She said, "You men are impossible to please any way."
"Well I will really be pleased only if you remove your veil." He said carefully.
"You are just making fun of me and don't want anything. Stop the car and let me off on the next turn." She asked pleadingly.

Sep 6, 2009

Hooker - Part One

It was almost 10 pm. She was standing on the road side, all set to get a lift with her face covered behind a veil up to nose, leaving her eyes and forehead open. A car was approaching fast, she looked at it and then herself, raised her arm with her fist closed and thumb up. Unlike other cars this one stopped, few meters ahead. She walked stylishly and got to the front door opposite the driver's side. Man behind the steering wheel clicked to open the door lock. She got on the front seat without even asking. 
The driver, a handsome looking middle aged man, stared in her eyes and asked, "where do you want to go ?" 
Instead of replying his question she asked, "where are you going?"
Her voice was heavy like a man and coarse. 'Sour throat may be', thought the man.
"I am going a few blocks ahead", he said.
"So am I", she said.
"What do you do for living ?", she asked before the man could do further questioning.
"I am into business of my own. And you ? " he replied and asked.
"Nothing much just a beautician at a nearby beauty parlour. Can I have your visiting card ?" she said.
"Are you not moving too fast ? I don't give it to absolute strangers. Tell me your name and who you are and can you move this veil to show me your face?" The man suspicious of her man like voice blurted.
"I just meant to... OK forget it. Do you want to enjoy the moment?" She vomited her sole purpose without further deliberations bluntly.
"What do you mean ?", he asked.
"Blow job ?", she asked moving her hand on his thigh.

Sep 5, 2009

Sharing & Caring

Surely i will love to share anything with you. And you know well, it was you who encouraged me to do so. If you remember, earlier i had told you that i dont want to get engaged in this dialogue as i have my own reasons for that and you had said that you will never be convinced whatsoever. I completely understand your perspective and stance on the subject, and believe me i dont have any arguments to oppose your view. There can be no reasons for denying 'anyone' of their rights. All humans deserve equal treatment. All are equal and there are NO "more equals."
And I thank you for truly appreciating my patterns now. With you i have always liked to share whatever i have in my life, and no other in this community has been so close to me. I am pleased that i revealed it to you and no other than you. Probably 'no other' could have understood it better than you do. Is that chemistry ?
I sure will love to share whatever is in my heart and whatever emerges. things do come up and bother from time to time and till now i have been fighting them alone. I am glad i have a companion now to share with and trust me, i am a good listener too.
Thanx for your so much love and thinking of me that way. You have often touched my soul with your kind words and love. And i surely look forward to read you, remain in constant contact with you and be touched with your ever consoling words. To me you are more than a sister, as i could not even share it with my brother and sister and not even with my wife.
Life is good when your sweetness surrounds me

Sep 3, 2009

Animal Like Humanity ???

I hope to be always engaged in a steady exchange of healing and nurturing exchanges with you. Even, gods-willing, beyond the grave! It's true, isn't it, all things come to an end (as you yourself have been in the habit of reminding me!)

You words over on seochris's blog have been breath-takingly important, dear one. We must strive to stay connected with whatever may emerge as a result - both in you and in me. We may be connected way more mysteriously than we've yet allowed for! At any rate, we're both survivors of childhood sexual oppression by adult(s). I fear this is true for way more than have taken liberty to face that truth. Humanity can be so animal-like.

Anyway *please* let's see if we can structure a way to stay connected through these sharings. Now, if ever before, may be a good time to work out the IM system of engagement. You think?

All good things to you. I do believe we are spiritual siblings - and love thinking of you this way.

ps - please promise me you will save your comments on xyz's blog to your personal journal; I think you'll want to add to it over time (particularly from the vantage point of sitting beneath one of those trees that are growing with your care, and that are sure to house beautiful songbirds.)

Sep 2, 2009

Whisper - Salve

Thanks once again for your lovely words and observations. 'The whisper-salve'... let me explain the whisper-salve thing.
My Dear this is an ointment which lies in your drawer. You may find it when you need it or leave it unnoticed when you dont. It will always be there till it expires and you can throw it away when it does. It can heal if you apply it to your wounds and may hurt you with some of its irritant ingredients but still it is harmless and you can trust its healing power only if you have faith in its ability to cure.