Aug 11, 2009


Waiting has been so long and so painful but on the other hand it has been pleasure. Waiting for someone you care for, someone you look forward to, someone who waits and longs for you too. Waiting and waiting and just waiting. This is all what I have been doing all these days which just passed by, one after the other, each hour, each minute, each second and each moment counted. When I was young, one of my teachers said a thing one day and I just kept it with me ever since. We were having a tough time, sort of a tough training session and he said, "remember, this is just a moment in your life, this will also pass soon, just pass this moment in the best way you can. Remember it is inescapable and unavoidable, you got to do it and there is no way out, then come what may, do your best". Since then hard times never seem too long, they come and pass by. I'd say happiness marks a longer epoch in one's life but the hard times are fewer yet we start cursing people and God for it rather than being thankful for what we have before or after the suffering. "There is ease after every difficulty and there is definitely an ease after every difficulty" no one can deny this fact. Yet we act shamefully when faced with such situations. How ungrateful human is? Why can't we tackle such kind of situations in a graceful and grateful manner? When we know it will soon pass? When we know it is not here to stay forever? When we know ease and happiness are just around the corner? Why we break just below the pinnacle? These are small little tests in out lives to check ourselves for our determination and strength, moral and physical. Do we pass them or we fail them is up to us. Stronger are those who take these tests as a challenge and go through it come what may and that too cheerfully. Success comes to them fast, kissing their feet and prostrating itself to obey their command. Through these small trials and triumphs such people learn to face the bigger encounters in life and confront this life as a greater challenge. Life learns to respect them and so do we the commoners, who just sit and watch them go with all the prizes life has got to offer.
I think I philosophised enough... it may not fall very hard upon you? Just relax and think over it. May be you find something significant in it. I told you, you will be tired of what I say and may be soon. But you said talk and here I am talking to you... Don't forget ... this will also pass.

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