Aug 16, 2009

Sexual Hormonal Abnormality?

The topic just got little Hotter,

AAA has an opinion very much humane much like me where I don't see anything except what I can see (No past, no future, but rather present and FAQs), she sees it as emotions; I see it as hormonal abnormality.

BBB sees this issue from his base, his beliefs, he has a set of beliefs and that he follows, no nothing wrong but I mean as I said there are hormonal imbalance so now how can you say in homosexual relationships the male is male and similarly in female, as scientifically many examples are found where female looking infant, grown as female but later found to be male hormonally, a famous New Zealand athlete, was brought up as female but later known to have male hormones in the body.

Now what? There is no specification of such situation anywhere so we have to think about it now not by following some beliefs (not trying to be rude here) when such things were not found.

I think everybody has to come here without any biases and discuss, it will help, to get to conclusion. At least for this post


  1. hate is such a strong word.. one can only say the word with a heavy heart, downtrodden or in great sadness...