Aug 7, 2009

Feelings and Learning

It is indeed a curious thing for every human being to know about the other person's feelings about one's own self. Similarly it is hard for people to let other's know their true feelings. But I think in our case we don't need to restrict ourselves and hide what we feel/think of each other and openly describe what's cooking in our minds. My weakness is, in some person's opinion, that I am straight forward and rather too much. I am from the inside what I am from the outside, I just vomit whatever I am thinking about people or things, may it be bad or good. Sometimes people are hurt and so am I. But no regrets because I don't want people to remain in darkness where I guide them to light, they like it or not hardly remains my concern. If someone is wise enough, will understand and appreciate my effort sooner or later. If not wise and just other-wise, I leave them at their own. I am just describing myself to make you understand how I am and what I am. You may not like some of my bad habits yet you may appreciate some of my better things. I would always love it when you put me wise on various aspects of life. I have always been in the process of correcting my self from advices, own mistakes and from other's mistakes. Its hard to find a friend like you who is kind, trustworthy, reliable, responsible, educated, learned, wise and a good listener. I know I can always confide in you and bank on your judgement and advice. Why I say both learned and educated is because there is much difference in being educated and at the same time being learned. Many among us do get education but hardly learn. We pass educated without having learned anything about life. Life is complex and that's why I keep checking whether or not my process of learning is switched ON. Many amongst us stop this process and never even know when it stopped functioning and that is how we fail to comprehend the better things in our society, failing to coop up with the modernization and new thoughts and thus failing to understand, digest and grasp feelings of other people. Self improvement is one thing which, in my opinion, one must seek all his/her life, when you stop the process you go into the dark. And once the darkness grabs you, it never lets you see the light. You do see it on the far end of the tunnel but don't feel like going towards it, considering it to be an alien spot because darkness gets penetrated deep inside us and we start considering it as our only benefactor. So what we need for self improvement is learning and learning all our lives. Through learning we understand life, understanding life gives us knowledge about people and this knowledge gives us recognition of feelings and when we start absorbing feelings of other people only then we be able to build relationships on a solid base.

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  1. Having learning and feeling enable standing by you :) Sharing is caring, thank you. Life is not rehearsal, good one!

  2. lovely topic about learning, i enjoy it..

    thanks a lot.