Aug 26, 2009

An Interesting Fact About August 2009, May 2010

Surprisingly this may go unnoticed that this August (2009) has:
This will happen again in May 2010.
Strange !!!
All in one Month - it happens once in 823 years
Happening Twice in 2 consecutive years ???
Can You make Out When Will it Happen Next ???

Aug 24, 2009

In Search Of Identity

Its not about *you are wondering* who am I, its about clearing my own Conscience. In blogsphere people know me as Whisper, who has not disclosed his identity. Eversince I started to blog, i wanted to carry a unversal persona, which i still maintain, a person with no country, race, religion or even gender because if you view it from a greater angle (from a planet in a different galaxy :) ) we are all one, inhabitants of planet earth. Though I am very much a male but I never tried to emphasize on this aspect either while blogging.
This was mainly due to the interaction through internet with diverse natured community. Normally, what i have seen and learnt through my internetting for almost last 14 years, people do not approve of third world people, when made known people discard you like toilet paper, they hardly listen what you got to say. Dont they have feelings ? Dont they have any rights on this planet earth ? They are already suffering with poverty, unemployment, disease, hunger and such other issues and we add to their misery when we adopt racist behaviour.
So, I decided to hide my identity while I blog, so that nobody is bothered who I am and where do I belong.

Aug 20, 2009

Hate & GLBT

For me Whisper, there's a rather rich and meaningful history of relationship with the word "hate."

- As a small child, I sat fully absorbed in imaginary play with another young friend named ABC. Suddenly, Karen turned beet-red and burst into tears, saying, "I HATE God!!" We must both have been approximately 6yrs old at the time, and I was absolutely floored, as you might imagine. With some exasperated and imploring questioning, she made me to understand that her parents were undergoing a divorce and that because of that she was in extraordinary pain.

- As a young adult, I used the word "hate" to describe some attitude I had about something *much* less personally significant than ABC's situation, still politically important to me. A friend and mentor with me at the time exclaimed, "that's such a strong word! Is it really what you mean?" Stop to think about it, and to this day I generally stop to think every time I hear myself use the word (while my friend's words are ringing.)

- Almost daily, my Buddhist husband, grins at me from ear-to-ear, saying "*hate*-*hate*-*hate*" in a fashion that makes me feel quite silly for using so dramatic a word as if my vocablulary were limited to very basic language.

Generally, I still use it now, but can't help but hear all three of those voices - all forcing me to consider whether I'm using that word responsibly. If I resolve to be responsible when using that word, others will almost *never* hear it cross my lips.

Forgive me Whisper for so long a comment here. You are someone in this Community who has repeatedly been about as "Christ-like" in manner, (not meaning to embarrass you,) as to cause me to feel sharp pain whenever *you* use the word hate to describe a place in you of whatever significance. Your generosity of spirit is not consistent with ridicule for those who in my opinion do *not* choose some version of GLBT orientation.

Please suffice it to say, there are GLBT persons in my life whom I treasure for their contributions to who I am as a person and citizen of the human race. Whenever statements are made with careless disrespect about who *they* are, a 6yr old child in me rises up swinging and ... (well you might guess the rest!) Then I get to deal with having humiliated myself, and trying to take my "humble-pie" medicine, and hope to repair *my* damages to right relationships I've come to value here with blog community. And, Whisper, you've been stellar in my list of right relationships!

I believe it's just this sort of encounter that has seeded warfare since the beginning of time. Heaven help us all.

Aug 16, 2009

Sexual Hormonal Abnormality?

The topic just got little Hotter,

AAA has an opinion very much humane much like me where I don't see anything except what I can see (No past, no future, but rather present and FAQs), she sees it as emotions; I see it as hormonal abnormality.

BBB sees this issue from his base, his beliefs, he has a set of beliefs and that he follows, no nothing wrong but I mean as I said there are hormonal imbalance so now how can you say in homosexual relationships the male is male and similarly in female, as scientifically many examples are found where female looking infant, grown as female but later found to be male hormonally, a famous New Zealand athlete, was brought up as female but later known to have male hormones in the body.

Now what? There is no specification of such situation anywhere so we have to think about it now not by following some beliefs (not trying to be rude here) when such things were not found.

I think everybody has to come here without any biases and discuss, it will help, to get to conclusion. At least for this post

Aug 15, 2009

Same Sex Marriage

I said I hate the "idea" of same sex marriage, not the people who go for it. I understand that there are various factors and circumstances which bring a person to such a point. We cannot tell by his/her homo/hetero behavior that a person is good or bad. Hence we cannot base our love or hate simply by knowing that the person is a homosexual/heterosexual. To judge this we have many other gauges which (for us) decide whether the person in contact is good or bad. (As a matter of fact who are we to decide it??)

Aug 11, 2009


Waiting has been so long and so painful but on the other hand it has been pleasure. Waiting for someone you care for, someone you look forward to, someone who waits and longs for you too. Waiting and waiting and just waiting. This is all what I have been doing all these days which just passed by, one after the other, each hour, each minute, each second and each moment counted. When I was young, one of my teachers said a thing one day and I just kept it with me ever since. We were having a tough time, sort of a tough training session and he said, "remember, this is just a moment in your life, this will also pass soon, just pass this moment in the best way you can. Remember it is inescapable and unavoidable, you got to do it and there is no way out, then come what may, do your best". Since then hard times never seem too long, they come and pass by. I'd say happiness marks a longer epoch in one's life but the hard times are fewer yet we start cursing people and God for it rather than being thankful for what we have before or after the suffering. "There is ease after every difficulty and there is definitely an ease after every difficulty" no one can deny this fact. Yet we act shamefully when faced with such situations. How ungrateful human is? Why can't we tackle such kind of situations in a graceful and grateful manner? When we know it will soon pass? When we know it is not here to stay forever? When we know ease and happiness are just around the corner? Why we break just below the pinnacle? These are small little tests in out lives to check ourselves for our determination and strength, moral and physical. Do we pass them or we fail them is up to us. Stronger are those who take these tests as a challenge and go through it come what may and that too cheerfully. Success comes to them fast, kissing their feet and prostrating itself to obey their command. Through these small trials and triumphs such people learn to face the bigger encounters in life and confront this life as a greater challenge. Life learns to respect them and so do we the commoners, who just sit and watch them go with all the prizes life has got to offer.
I think I philosophised enough... it may not fall very hard upon you? Just relax and think over it. May be you find something significant in it. I told you, you will be tired of what I say and may be soon. But you said talk and here I am talking to you... Don't forget ... this will also pass.

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Aug 7, 2009

Feelings and Learning

It is indeed a curious thing for every human being to know about the other person's feelings about one's own self. Similarly it is hard for people to let other's know their true feelings. But I think in our case we don't need to restrict ourselves and hide what we feel/think of each other and openly describe what's cooking in our minds. My weakness is, in some person's opinion, that I am straight forward and rather too much. I am from the inside what I am from the outside, I just vomit whatever I am thinking about people or things, may it be bad or good. Sometimes people are hurt and so am I. But no regrets because I don't want people to remain in darkness where I guide them to light, they like it or not hardly remains my concern. If someone is wise enough, will understand and appreciate my effort sooner or later. If not wise and just other-wise, I leave them at their own. I am just describing myself to make you understand how I am and what I am. You may not like some of my bad habits yet you may appreciate some of my better things. I would always love it when you put me wise on various aspects of life. I have always been in the process of correcting my self from advices, own mistakes and from other's mistakes. Its hard to find a friend like you who is kind, trustworthy, reliable, responsible, educated, learned, wise and a good listener. I know I can always confide in you and bank on your judgement and advice. Why I say both learned and educated is because there is much difference in being educated and at the same time being learned. Many among us do get education but hardly learn. We pass educated without having learned anything about life. Life is complex and that's why I keep checking whether or not my process of learning is switched ON. Many amongst us stop this process and never even know when it stopped functioning and that is how we fail to comprehend the better things in our society, failing to coop up with the modernization and new thoughts and thus failing to understand, digest and grasp feelings of other people. Self improvement is one thing which, in my opinion, one must seek all his/her life, when you stop the process you go into the dark. And once the darkness grabs you, it never lets you see the light. You do see it on the far end of the tunnel but don't feel like going towards it, considering it to be an alien spot because darkness gets penetrated deep inside us and we start considering it as our only benefactor. So what we need for self improvement is learning and learning all our lives. Through learning we understand life, understanding life gives us knowledge about people and this knowledge gives us recognition of feelings and when we start absorbing feelings of other people only then we be able to build relationships on a solid base.

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