Jul 9, 2009

What Do You Suggest ??? A Family Problem

One says: hi
Two says: hi
One says: how r u?
Two says: quite well... Thanks... and u?
One says: fine and tired mentally. Did u get my offline message?
Two says: I think I even replied to it
One says: I got that and send few messages just now. I think you did not get those
Two says: the only thing I got was "regards"
One says: I said I was busy all day with hectic routine and in the evening family friends came for their family issues. And it took 3 hours debating with them
Two says: oh...
One says: and still I don’t think the issue resolved. It might take another session tomorrow and yet another day after and I think I might have to involve some video conferencing
Two says: with these friends?
One says: yeah. In fact Parents are here in (“Country A”). The girl just flew back from (“Country B”) after a fight with her husband, who is still there in (“Country B”)
Two says: I see
One says: Her and His father came to me separately to settle the issue. The boy also called me on cell this evening. Ohh...... listening to all of them I was like.................
Two says: I can imagine...
One says: they have been married for few months only and they are like.......... biting each other. But I think the problem is with the boy
Two says: what about him?
One says: He just cannot tolerate/compromise. Her father sent her a ticket to fly back and the husband never bothered to give her a single penny. She did not have money to get a taxi back home from the airport. She blames he hit her as well. I don’t know how far that is true because He/his father deny that
Two says: that’s pretty bad...
One says: yeah. I still can’t comprehend what to do about it. What do you suggest?
Two says: good question...
One says: lol. Next question....?? Busy?
Two says: all I can say to that is "I don't have an answer but I admire the question" ^^
One says: She is also rude to his parents. She also said he threw her out of the apartment door and said go wherever she wanted to. She also says he forces her to out and find a job for herself rather than sitting at home. She applied few places but could not succeed. She says he then sold some of her Gold things which he denies and says he only sold Gold worth about 1500 Euro
Two says: I’m really sorry... I don’t want to interrupt you... and sorry I don’t have any advice... but there is a heavy thunderstorm outside and I’m being told to turn off the computer... sorry
One says: and spent that on the newly rented apartment. Ohh…ok. No probs. switch off
Two says: ok, see you, bye
One says: thanks

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