Jul 18, 2009

To Do Or Not To DO

One Says: sleeping so late?
Two says: :)
One says: go and have some breakfast
Two says: I will,
One says: OK
Two says: BRB
Two says: back
One says: ok, so how’s everything?
Two says: well I’m still on holiday, i haven’t been doing much lately except going to church meeting 3x a week, I go to bed late and get up late
One says: good
Two says: I should be working on a paper but I couldn’t be bothered to start working on it yet
One says: don’t put off until tomorrow what u can do today
Two says: I know it's just so much work; I don’t know where to start. aaaaand it’s kind of half-mandatory half-voluntarily. Everyone has to do it but
One says: start from somewhere
Two says: I can’t quite make myself do it cuzz I know it won't be counting toward my final grade/graduation school report. It’s just a waste of time imho
One says: and not doing it will not embarrass you ??
Two says: actually, no
One says: then forget about it. Why do you even think about it
Two says: well, I have to score 1 out of 15 points minimum to be "allowed" to take the final exams
One says: just enjoy your holidays
Two says: bcuz its a group project and the other 2 girls in my group ain’t doing anything either. It’s a paper about a charity project in my hometown that supports poor families affected by the Chernobyl catastrophe and I think the ppl from that project thingy will be disappointed if we don’t finish the paper
One says: so if someone will be disappointed by your not doing something then you must do it
One says: you should not disappoint the eyes focused on you
Two says: I guess you're right about that I think I’ll just start by looking at the outline once again and find the easiest chapter to work on
One says: yeah, do it little by little, at your convenience but please start it now
One says: so that you don’t have to do it hurriedly at the end. You may just designate half an hour or an hour daily, just for this project and come what may do it then
Two says: that sounds reasonable.
One says: I think so
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