Jul 18, 2009

How To Loose Weight - 1

One Says: Sleeping and waking up so late due to vacations?
Two says: Yeah, just woke up and did not even have my breakfast and its already lunch time
One says: Go get something to break your fast. I mean have your break fast first.
Two says: BRB
One says: Okay
Two says: Back
One says: Great. Had your breakfast?
Two says: Yes
One says: What did you eat?
Two says: Tomato salad, potato salad, cheese and bread
One says: Wow... sounds great. My mouth is watering already. You know this is why you are putting on a little bit of weight?
Two says: Yeah, I know
One says: If you dont mind may i know how much.
Two says: I know I'm bit over weight
One says: Did you ever consider doing something about it?
Two says: Yeah, many times.
One says: And what did you do about it?
Two says: Ummm... excersize and eating less and all the stuff
One says: Please dont be mad at me for this...you are attractive, gorgeous and adorable, but you know your being over weight spoils the whole image. You seriously need to consider this and its time that you act
Two says: Yeah, I know
One says: If you have time and can listen to me carefully, we can discuss this a little further? But you really need to listen to this carefully and patiently
Two says: Yeah sure
One says: I hope you are not mad?
Two says: No really I am not.
One says: So are we ready to start?
Two says: Yeah sure, go ahead. I am listening
One says: First thing we need to know is the "science" behind gaining fats. I mean how in the world we put on weight and some people dont no matter what and how much they eat. This is mainly because we have diverse eating habits. We normally eat multiple kind of food and when it reaches the stomach and sends multiple signals to our brain. Like here comes tomatoes, and oh.. here is some onion and garlic too. Wowww look potatoes are here. Hey hey ... dont forget to welcome cheese, and yes the bread is also following.
These all signals are sent by the stomach to our brain to get the orders. When the brain gets these multipla kind of signals, it gets confused what to digest and what not to. Confused, it issues a simple order to save human life and digest fats and sugar first (fats and sugar are life saving drugs for human body). So the blood and stomach get to work and start saving the life saving material.
Are you with me?
Two says: Yeah, I had no previous knowledge of all this stuff
One says: Now, as we have limited available acids in our stomach, most of the food keeps lying in it without being touched as blood and stomach are using those acids to digest fats/sugar. Absence/lack of acids to digest food causes the food to stay in stomach for more time and hence streches the stomach. Blood having orders from brain keeps digesting fats/sugar and keeps it accumulating it in various body parts. It acumulates around the stomach first, then thighs, hips, calves, breast, shoulders, neck and face in most cases in the same order. The order of accumulation may vary body to body.
Two says: That makes sense
One says: You must have observed many people around you who do not gain any fats no matter what they eat and how much they eat. These people have more and stronger acids in thier bodies which quickly digest the food and send the excess fats down the drain, keeping only what is necessary to live for the human body. They are the lucky ones amongst us. Most of us dont possess such kind of bodies and we tend to gain weight whenever we eat.
Hope you have understood whatever I said ?
Two says: Yeah, but how can I loose weight?
One says: We will discuss it after a week. First you need to think about it and consider the signals and life saving thing. Then you need to write down all what you eat during this week and share it with me. Remember to observe whatever you eat and seriously think about the signals your stomach must be generating during your meals. Its not only the big signals(like potato, tomato, bread and cheese) your brain gets, there are multiple small signals too like water, salt, spices and other ingredients in the food. These signals when generated get interpretted/translated in to the form of vitamins, minerals and calories and thats how the brain
calculates whats necessary and whats not.
Two says: Amazing
One says: I would like to add here that normally we need 1800 calories a day to live a healthy life but our daily routine intake (bad eating habits) exceeds 2800 calories. Jogging/walk may only consume extra 200 to 300 calories. Still we give our body 1000 plus calories in form of extra fats/sugar to preserve. Brain preserves fats/sugar because it needs to save our body and because it does not know what will follow next. For brain it is important to save your body and accumulate NOW. For brain its matter of NOW or NEVER. And unfortunately we create such oppurtunity for our brain at least 3 times a day confusing it with our bad eating habits. Brain thinks, "Gosh this man is stupid, I dont know what he eats next, just keep preserving or he will die soon".
Two says: I will keep this in mind
One says: And promise me that you will make a chart/time table/list of whatever you eat during next 7 days.
Two says: I will
One says: This is how we gain weight/fats and keep accumulating fats in our body. Next I will tell you the "science" behind how to loose weight and then we will move over to a balanced diet plan.
Two says: Okay... where did you get all this knowledge???
One says: Lolzzz... I also have a family tendency of putting on weight and that too quickly. I have been over weight many times and controlled many times. I think now I am over with it and after loosing extra weight and shedding of some fats I am controlling it with ease.
Two says: I see
One says: Remember people around you love you and need you but no one can take care of you more than you can take care of yourself and if you are not sincere with yourself you cant be sincere with others.

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