Jun 21, 2009

SPAM in reply to my "hmmmm"

This is the counter reply I received when I replied back a SPAM few days ago. I had just written a "hmmmmm" in reply and the girl named Anna sent this mail with two of her photos. Interestingly these two photos do not match the one sent in the previous mail. Here is the paste of SPAM content:

Hello my new friend!

It's very nice to see your letter in my email. How are you?

In relations I am searching trust, care, kindness ect. And I think

that only at presence of all these components the true love is

possible. And I should be frank with you from the first words. So, I

want tell, that you not only one the man with whom I correspond. And I

hope, that you will understand me. The first, as you know, I

beautiful, attractive and very sexual women :) And I have many

admirers both in a real life and in the Internet, But in a real life I

do not see the man with whom I can connect the life, therefore I have

decided to try to find him in the Internet. I understand, that here

(in the Internet) same people and I have no illusions in this

occasion. I want to hope only, that I meet the love and not important

for me from what country, what religion and what race there will be

the most dear person for me. Do you understand me?

What is your reason searching someone in the Internet?

I do not have experience of international dating, but some time I use

Russian dating sites, then I have free time. And I have noticed one

bad tendency acquaintances in the Internet. The majority of Russian

men with whom I had correspondence wanted to seize my body or they

simply played. Cheerfully spend time. I do not want to seem rough but

if you the Internet the actor, do not write to me else. Because I do

not want to waste time and think that you too :)

I attach my photos. Can you send me some photo of you??? Thank you.

I'll be glad receive your soon reply. Your new friend Anna.

I have again sent a "hmmmm" message in reply. let us see what the spammer does next.

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