Jun 25, 2009

From Russia With Love - Anna

Here is another reply of the SPAM i just got.... any views on this one ??
I dont understand what she really wants?


I'm very surprised but at the same time very happy to see your letter.
Surprised ... because I did not think my attempt to make acquaintance
through the Internet could succeed.

You know I rarely go to my mailbox because I am tired of cleaning
spam- from all sorts of penis enlargers, porn links and other
advertising. Sometimes it builds up up to 60 of such letters a day))

And today, with the same intention to remove all this dirt, I logged
in my box. I marked all letters and already wanted to press the DELETE
button, when something made me stop and consider carefully and voila
there was your letter

My mood was raised immediately and I decided to answer leaving all my
affiares)) So I turned on my favorite song "Milene Farmer Appelle mon
numero" and now I'm sitting here in front of the monitor and thinking
about what I'll write you) )

First, what prompted me to try dating in Internet? First, the
curiosity to feel something new and interesting, and more, who knows,
perhaps we are created for one another .. I have not yet encountered
the love of my life, and, like everyone else, I ardently dream of it))
Perhaps it could happen with us?))

So now let's turn to statistics Me, Anna, 27 years old, green eyes,
blond hair, 172 cm of height, born 15 January 1982 I do not talk about
my weight because I'm going to the gym to lose a bit))

My friends say I'm beautiful. I'm not used to self-esteem, but
sometimes I agree with my friends)

I live and work in Kazan in central Russia, about 800 km off Moscow. I
live alone - my parents are retired and live in the suburbs. We do not
often see because it is far enough to visit one another. Moreover,
recently there was a dispute between us because of my work. Do not
think bad of me, but I dance striptease at a night club. In fact, I
see nothing bad in this area. Unfortunately, in Russia, there is the
view that a person who dances striptease is a personality completely
unmorale with whomone one can do anything. It is stupid to think like
that. I am very honest and I do not pay attention to these views. I am
not ashamed of what I do. I do a beautiful dance with erotic elements,
using the plastic of body, which is very charming. I create a feerique
atmosphere in the club,plus I get more money for this. And what is
your opinion of this thing?

But my parents have thought otherwise. My mother did not want to talk
with me and called me all kinds of inproper names. Dad, on the
contrary, supported me. By the way, it was he who convinced my mother
that their daughter did nothing wrong. Now we've kind of forgotten our
quarrel, and we love each other.

In principle, I can understand the mum. She always wanted me to
connect my life with the language. Accordingly, at school, I studied
English strongly. But the love of dance led me to choose another
sport. But the English, I do not cease to improve it - I watch movies
in english, read some books in english and, you know, I can now
communicate with you)

Well, it is time to finish for today. I hope we can become good
friends. Tell me more about you. What is your favorite music? What
films do you prefer? You know, I have many questions to ask and I do
not even know how to start))

Here is my new picture, I expect yours too.

Take care and write me when you can.



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