Sep 9, 2009

Hooker - Epilogue

Are you married ? , he asked..
She remained silent and then whispered please let me go...stop the car.
No, ... I mean I really want to help if you have a family to support and do all this due to financial reasons... He said with all sincerity.
Just stop the car and stop asking me questions... She shouted this time
He stopped the car and let her go, afraid that she might not create a scene here to get public attention or black mail... thinking to himself what a fool he had been, how could he not see it through that she was not a she ... still carrying a suspicion in his mind that he might be wrong and she really was a woman. He had purposely drove beyond the block he had wanted to go. He turned around from the next U turn and passed the place where he had dropped her. She saw her moving in another direction ... he moved on thinking about her...
She had experienced such people before. But there were few instances like that. People had hardly wanted her to take off her veil in the dark in the excitement of what was to follow. She worked so fine that they never even noticed his shaven. 
This man was trying to be clever. He thought to himself. What the fxxx he knows about me and my problems. Haa ! financial reasons, family to support. Bastard.  Why people think they can help when they really hate when they know what and who you are. My kids and wife will be waiting for me at home to bring food for them. This guy wasted almost half an hour. I should have chosen some other place to stand. Where to go now? I hardly have time. Will I be able to earn few bucks to feed my kids. All day gone waste. No job, no work in the whole world for me. I had chosen this as a part time profession so that I could fulfil my fatherly duties. I have been able to do nothing for my family. They trust me for everything. How will I manage to survive like this. How long God ??? How long ??? 
He saw another car approaching... She styled... raised her arm up...fist closed...thumb up
(This is a story of a place where veil is commonly used by women to hide their faces) 

Sep 7, 2009

Hooker - Part Two

He threw her hand aside saying, "Wait a minute. Before we move forward you got to remove your veil."
"There is no fun removing my veil when you don't want to have any kind of enjoyment.", She said in her manlike voice and folded her arms on her belly.
The car on the move...
By now the man had realized that he had made a mistake, giving her a lift. She could be a male, female or a shemale. Now he suddenly observed her hands were also unfeminine.  He again looked in her fully made up colourful eyes and said, "You got to show me your face first, I want to know you are really a female or otherwise?"
"What do you mean by that ? Let me get off here... I just wanted to do you a favour in return to your favour and you have started to compare me with gays ?", said she.
"Well I don't mean to hurt you but I really want to be sure because you don't look feminish, the way you sound and your appearance", he said what he really felt in his heart.
 She said, "You men are impossible to please any way."
"Well I will really be pleased only if you remove your veil." He said carefully.
"You are just making fun of me and don't want anything. Stop the car and let me off on the next turn." She asked pleadingly.

Sep 6, 2009

Hooker - Part One

It was almost 10 pm. She was standing on the road side, all set to get a lift with her face covered behind a veil up to nose, leaving her eyes and forehead open. A car was approaching fast, she looked at it and then herself, raised her arm with her fist closed and thumb up. Unlike other cars this one stopped, few meters ahead. She walked stylishly and got to the front door opposite the driver's side. Man behind the steering wheel clicked to open the door lock. She got on the front seat without even asking. 
The driver, a handsome looking middle aged man, stared in her eyes and asked, "where do you want to go ?" 
Instead of replying his question she asked, "where are you going?"
Her voice was heavy like a man and coarse. 'Sour throat may be', thought the man.
"I am going a few blocks ahead", he said.
"So am I", she said.
"What do you do for living ?", she asked before the man could do further questioning.
"I am into business of my own. And you ? " he replied and asked.
"Nothing much just a beautician at a nearby beauty parlour. Can I have your visiting card ?" she said.
"Are you not moving too fast ? I don't give it to absolute strangers. Tell me your name and who you are and can you move this veil to show me your face?" The man suspicious of her man like voice blurted.
"I just meant to... OK forget it. Do you want to enjoy the moment?" She vomited her sole purpose without further deliberations bluntly.
"What do you mean ?", he asked.
"Blow job ?", she asked moving her hand on his thigh.

Sep 5, 2009

Sharing & Caring

Surely i will love to share anything with you. And you know well, it was you who encouraged me to do so. If you remember, earlier i had told you that i dont want to get engaged in this dialogue as i have my own reasons for that and you had said that you will never be convinced whatsoever. I completely understand your perspective and stance on the subject, and believe me i dont have any arguments to oppose your view. There can be no reasons for denying 'anyone' of their rights. All humans deserve equal treatment. All are equal and there are NO "more equals."
And I thank you for truly appreciating my patterns now. With you i have always liked to share whatever i have in my life, and no other in this community has been so close to me. I am pleased that i revealed it to you and no other than you. Probably 'no other' could have understood it better than you do. Is that chemistry ?
I sure will love to share whatever is in my heart and whatever emerges. things do come up and bother from time to time and till now i have been fighting them alone. I am glad i have a companion now to share with and trust me, i am a good listener too.
Thanx for your so much love and thinking of me that way. You have often touched my soul with your kind words and love. And i surely look forward to read you, remain in constant contact with you and be touched with your ever consoling words. To me you are more than a sister, as i could not even share it with my brother and sister and not even with my wife.
Life is good when your sweetness surrounds me

Sep 3, 2009

Animal Like Humanity ???

I hope to be always engaged in a steady exchange of healing and nurturing exchanges with you. Even, gods-willing, beyond the grave! It's true, isn't it, all things come to an end (as you yourself have been in the habit of reminding me!)

You words over on seochris's blog have been breath-takingly important, dear one. We must strive to stay connected with whatever may emerge as a result - both in you and in me. We may be connected way more mysteriously than we've yet allowed for! At any rate, we're both survivors of childhood sexual oppression by adult(s). I fear this is true for way more than have taken liberty to face that truth. Humanity can be so animal-like.

Anyway *please* let's see if we can structure a way to stay connected through these sharings. Now, if ever before, may be a good time to work out the IM system of engagement. You think?

All good things to you. I do believe we are spiritual siblings - and love thinking of you this way.

ps - please promise me you will save your comments on xyz's blog to your personal journal; I think you'll want to add to it over time (particularly from the vantage point of sitting beneath one of those trees that are growing with your care, and that are sure to house beautiful songbirds.)

Sep 2, 2009

Whisper - Salve

Thanks once again for your lovely words and observations. 'The whisper-salve'... let me explain the whisper-salve thing.
My Dear this is an ointment which lies in your drawer. You may find it when you need it or leave it unnoticed when you dont. It will always be there till it expires and you can throw it away when it does. It can heal if you apply it to your wounds and may hurt you with some of its irritant ingredients but still it is harmless and you can trust its healing power only if you have faith in its ability to cure.

Aug 26, 2009

An Interesting Fact About August 2009, May 2010

Surprisingly this may go unnoticed that this August (2009) has:
This will happen again in May 2010.
Strange !!!
All in one Month - it happens once in 823 years
Happening Twice in 2 consecutive years ???
Can You make Out When Will it Happen Next ???

Aug 24, 2009

In Search Of Identity

Its not about *you are wondering* who am I, its about clearing my own Conscience. In blogsphere people know me as Whisper, who has not disclosed his identity. Eversince I started to blog, i wanted to carry a unversal persona, which i still maintain, a person with no country, race, religion or even gender because if you view it from a greater angle (from a planet in a different galaxy :) ) we are all one, inhabitants of planet earth. Though I am very much a male but I never tried to emphasize on this aspect either while blogging.
This was mainly due to the interaction through internet with diverse natured community. Normally, what i have seen and learnt through my internetting for almost last 14 years, people do not approve of third world people, when made known people discard you like toilet paper, they hardly listen what you got to say. Dont they have feelings ? Dont they have any rights on this planet earth ? They are already suffering with poverty, unemployment, disease, hunger and such other issues and we add to their misery when we adopt racist behaviour.
So, I decided to hide my identity while I blog, so that nobody is bothered who I am and where do I belong.

Aug 20, 2009

Hate & GLBT

For me Whisper, there's a rather rich and meaningful history of relationship with the word "hate."

- As a small child, I sat fully absorbed in imaginary play with another young friend named ABC. Suddenly, Karen turned beet-red and burst into tears, saying, "I HATE God!!" We must both have been approximately 6yrs old at the time, and I was absolutely floored, as you might imagine. With some exasperated and imploring questioning, she made me to understand that her parents were undergoing a divorce and that because of that she was in extraordinary pain.

- As a young adult, I used the word "hate" to describe some attitude I had about something *much* less personally significant than ABC's situation, still politically important to me. A friend and mentor with me at the time exclaimed, "that's such a strong word! Is it really what you mean?" Stop to think about it, and to this day I generally stop to think every time I hear myself use the word (while my friend's words are ringing.)

- Almost daily, my Buddhist husband, grins at me from ear-to-ear, saying "*hate*-*hate*-*hate*" in a fashion that makes me feel quite silly for using so dramatic a word as if my vocablulary were limited to very basic language.

Generally, I still use it now, but can't help but hear all three of those voices - all forcing me to consider whether I'm using that word responsibly. If I resolve to be responsible when using that word, others will almost *never* hear it cross my lips.

Forgive me Whisper for so long a comment here. You are someone in this Community who has repeatedly been about as "Christ-like" in manner, (not meaning to embarrass you,) as to cause me to feel sharp pain whenever *you* use the word hate to describe a place in you of whatever significance. Your generosity of spirit is not consistent with ridicule for those who in my opinion do *not* choose some version of GLBT orientation.

Please suffice it to say, there are GLBT persons in my life whom I treasure for their contributions to who I am as a person and citizen of the human race. Whenever statements are made with careless disrespect about who *they* are, a 6yr old child in me rises up swinging and ... (well you might guess the rest!) Then I get to deal with having humiliated myself, and trying to take my "humble-pie" medicine, and hope to repair *my* damages to right relationships I've come to value here with blog community. And, Whisper, you've been stellar in my list of right relationships!

I believe it's just this sort of encounter that has seeded warfare since the beginning of time. Heaven help us all.

Aug 16, 2009

Sexual Hormonal Abnormality?

The topic just got little Hotter,

AAA has an opinion very much humane much like me where I don't see anything except what I can see (No past, no future, but rather present and FAQs), she sees it as emotions; I see it as hormonal abnormality.

BBB sees this issue from his base, his beliefs, he has a set of beliefs and that he follows, no nothing wrong but I mean as I said there are hormonal imbalance so now how can you say in homosexual relationships the male is male and similarly in female, as scientifically many examples are found where female looking infant, grown as female but later found to be male hormonally, a famous New Zealand athlete, was brought up as female but later known to have male hormones in the body.

Now what? There is no specification of such situation anywhere so we have to think about it now not by following some beliefs (not trying to be rude here) when such things were not found.

I think everybody has to come here without any biases and discuss, it will help, to get to conclusion. At least for this post

Aug 15, 2009

Same Sex Marriage

I said I hate the "idea" of same sex marriage, not the people who go for it. I understand that there are various factors and circumstances which bring a person to such a point. We cannot tell by his/her homo/hetero behavior that a person is good or bad. Hence we cannot base our love or hate simply by knowing that the person is a homosexual/heterosexual. To judge this we have many other gauges which (for us) decide whether the person in contact is good or bad. (As a matter of fact who are we to decide it??)

Aug 11, 2009


Waiting has been so long and so painful but on the other hand it has been pleasure. Waiting for someone you care for, someone you look forward to, someone who waits and longs for you too. Waiting and waiting and just waiting. This is all what I have been doing all these days which just passed by, one after the other, each hour, each minute, each second and each moment counted. When I was young, one of my teachers said a thing one day and I just kept it with me ever since. We were having a tough time, sort of a tough training session and he said, "remember, this is just a moment in your life, this will also pass soon, just pass this moment in the best way you can. Remember it is inescapable and unavoidable, you got to do it and there is no way out, then come what may, do your best". Since then hard times never seem too long, they come and pass by. I'd say happiness marks a longer epoch in one's life but the hard times are fewer yet we start cursing people and God for it rather than being thankful for what we have before or after the suffering. "There is ease after every difficulty and there is definitely an ease after every difficulty" no one can deny this fact. Yet we act shamefully when faced with such situations. How ungrateful human is? Why can't we tackle such kind of situations in a graceful and grateful manner? When we know it will soon pass? When we know it is not here to stay forever? When we know ease and happiness are just around the corner? Why we break just below the pinnacle? These are small little tests in out lives to check ourselves for our determination and strength, moral and physical. Do we pass them or we fail them is up to us. Stronger are those who take these tests as a challenge and go through it come what may and that too cheerfully. Success comes to them fast, kissing their feet and prostrating itself to obey their command. Through these small trials and triumphs such people learn to face the bigger encounters in life and confront this life as a greater challenge. Life learns to respect them and so do we the commoners, who just sit and watch them go with all the prizes life has got to offer.
I think I philosophised enough... it may not fall very hard upon you? Just relax and think over it. May be you find something significant in it. I told you, you will be tired of what I say and may be soon. But you said talk and here I am talking to you... Don't forget ... this will also pass.

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Aug 7, 2009

Feelings and Learning

It is indeed a curious thing for every human being to know about the other person's feelings about one's own self. Similarly it is hard for people to let other's know their true feelings. But I think in our case we don't need to restrict ourselves and hide what we feel/think of each other and openly describe what's cooking in our minds. My weakness is, in some person's opinion, that I am straight forward and rather too much. I am from the inside what I am from the outside, I just vomit whatever I am thinking about people or things, may it be bad or good. Sometimes people are hurt and so am I. But no regrets because I don't want people to remain in darkness where I guide them to light, they like it or not hardly remains my concern. If someone is wise enough, will understand and appreciate my effort sooner or later. If not wise and just other-wise, I leave them at their own. I am just describing myself to make you understand how I am and what I am. You may not like some of my bad habits yet you may appreciate some of my better things. I would always love it when you put me wise on various aspects of life. I have always been in the process of correcting my self from advices, own mistakes and from other's mistakes. Its hard to find a friend like you who is kind, trustworthy, reliable, responsible, educated, learned, wise and a good listener. I know I can always confide in you and bank on your judgement and advice. Why I say both learned and educated is because there is much difference in being educated and at the same time being learned. Many among us do get education but hardly learn. We pass educated without having learned anything about life. Life is complex and that's why I keep checking whether or not my process of learning is switched ON. Many amongst us stop this process and never even know when it stopped functioning and that is how we fail to comprehend the better things in our society, failing to coop up with the modernization and new thoughts and thus failing to understand, digest and grasp feelings of other people. Self improvement is one thing which, in my opinion, one must seek all his/her life, when you stop the process you go into the dark. And once the darkness grabs you, it never lets you see the light. You do see it on the far end of the tunnel but don't feel like going towards it, considering it to be an alien spot because darkness gets penetrated deep inside us and we start considering it as our only benefactor. So what we need for self improvement is learning and learning all our lives. Through learning we understand life, understanding life gives us knowledge about people and this knowledge gives us recognition of feelings and when we start absorbing feelings of other people only then we be able to build relationships on a solid base.

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Jul 18, 2009

How To Loose Weight - 1

One Says: Sleeping and waking up so late due to vacations?
Two says: Yeah, just woke up and did not even have my breakfast and its already lunch time
One says: Go get something to break your fast. I mean have your break fast first.
Two says: BRB
One says: Okay
Two says: Back
One says: Great. Had your breakfast?
Two says: Yes
One says: What did you eat?
Two says: Tomato salad, potato salad, cheese and bread
One says: Wow... sounds great. My mouth is watering already. You know this is why you are putting on a little bit of weight?
Two says: Yeah, I know
One says: If you dont mind may i know how much.
Two says: I know I'm bit over weight
One says: Did you ever consider doing something about it?
Two says: Yeah, many times.
One says: And what did you do about it?
Two says: Ummm... excersize and eating less and all the stuff
One says: Please dont be mad at me for are attractive, gorgeous and adorable, but you know your being over weight spoils the whole image. You seriously need to consider this and its time that you act
Two says: Yeah, I know
One says: If you have time and can listen to me carefully, we can discuss this a little further? But you really need to listen to this carefully and patiently
Two says: Yeah sure
One says: I hope you are not mad?
Two says: No really I am not.
One says: So are we ready to start?
Two says: Yeah sure, go ahead. I am listening
One says: First thing we need to know is the "science" behind gaining fats. I mean how in the world we put on weight and some people dont no matter what and how much they eat. This is mainly because we have diverse eating habits. We normally eat multiple kind of food and when it reaches the stomach and sends multiple signals to our brain. Like here comes tomatoes, and oh.. here is some onion and garlic too. Wowww look potatoes are here. Hey hey ... dont forget to welcome cheese, and yes the bread is also following.
These all signals are sent by the stomach to our brain to get the orders. When the brain gets these multipla kind of signals, it gets confused what to digest and what not to. Confused, it issues a simple order to save human life and digest fats and sugar first (fats and sugar are life saving drugs for human body). So the blood and stomach get to work and start saving the life saving material.
Are you with me?
Two says: Yeah, I had no previous knowledge of all this stuff
One says: Now, as we have limited available acids in our stomach, most of the food keeps lying in it without being touched as blood and stomach are using those acids to digest fats/sugar. Absence/lack of acids to digest food causes the food to stay in stomach for more time and hence streches the stomach. Blood having orders from brain keeps digesting fats/sugar and keeps it accumulating it in various body parts. It acumulates around the stomach first, then thighs, hips, calves, breast, shoulders, neck and face in most cases in the same order. The order of accumulation may vary body to body.
Two says: That makes sense
One says: You must have observed many people around you who do not gain any fats no matter what they eat and how much they eat. These people have more and stronger acids in thier bodies which quickly digest the food and send the excess fats down the drain, keeping only what is necessary to live for the human body. They are the lucky ones amongst us. Most of us dont possess such kind of bodies and we tend to gain weight whenever we eat.
Hope you have understood whatever I said ?
Two says: Yeah, but how can I loose weight?
One says: We will discuss it after a week. First you need to think about it and consider the signals and life saving thing. Then you need to write down all what you eat during this week and share it with me. Remember to observe whatever you eat and seriously think about the signals your stomach must be generating during your meals. Its not only the big signals(like potato, tomato, bread and cheese) your brain gets, there are multiple small signals too like water, salt, spices and other ingredients in the food. These signals when generated get interpretted/translated in to the form of vitamins, minerals and calories and thats how the brain
calculates whats necessary and whats not.
Two says: Amazing
One says: I would like to add here that normally we need 1800 calories a day to live a healthy life but our daily routine intake (bad eating habits) exceeds 2800 calories. Jogging/walk may only consume extra 200 to 300 calories. Still we give our body 1000 plus calories in form of extra fats/sugar to preserve. Brain preserves fats/sugar because it needs to save our body and because it does not know what will follow next. For brain it is important to save your body and accumulate NOW. For brain its matter of NOW or NEVER. And unfortunately we create such oppurtunity for our brain at least 3 times a day confusing it with our bad eating habits. Brain thinks, "Gosh this man is stupid, I dont know what he eats next, just keep preserving or he will die soon".
Two says: I will keep this in mind
One says: And promise me that you will make a chart/time table/list of whatever you eat during next 7 days.
Two says: I will
One says: This is how we gain weight/fats and keep accumulating fats in our body. Next I will tell you the "science" behind how to loose weight and then we will move over to a balanced diet plan.
Two says: Okay... where did you get all this knowledge???
One says: Lolzzz... I also have a family tendency of putting on weight and that too quickly. I have been over weight many times and controlled many times. I think now I am over with it and after loosing extra weight and shedding of some fats I am controlling it with ease.
Two says: I see
One says: Remember people around you love you and need you but no one can take care of you more than you can take care of yourself and if you are not sincere with yourself you cant be sincere with others.

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To Do Or Not To DO

One Says: sleeping so late?
Two says: :)
One says: go and have some breakfast
Two says: I will,
One says: OK
Two says: BRB
Two says: back
One says: ok, so how’s everything?
Two says: well I’m still on holiday, i haven’t been doing much lately except going to church meeting 3x a week, I go to bed late and get up late
One says: good
Two says: I should be working on a paper but I couldn’t be bothered to start working on it yet
One says: don’t put off until tomorrow what u can do today
Two says: I know it's just so much work; I don’t know where to start. aaaaand it’s kind of half-mandatory half-voluntarily. Everyone has to do it but
One says: start from somewhere
Two says: I can’t quite make myself do it cuzz I know it won't be counting toward my final grade/graduation school report. It’s just a waste of time imho
One says: and not doing it will not embarrass you ??
Two says: actually, no
One says: then forget about it. Why do you even think about it
Two says: well, I have to score 1 out of 15 points minimum to be "allowed" to take the final exams
One says: just enjoy your holidays
Two says: bcuz its a group project and the other 2 girls in my group ain’t doing anything either. It’s a paper about a charity project in my hometown that supports poor families affected by the Chernobyl catastrophe and I think the ppl from that project thingy will be disappointed if we don’t finish the paper
One says: so if someone will be disappointed by your not doing something then you must do it
One says: you should not disappoint the eyes focused on you
Two says: I guess you're right about that I think I’ll just start by looking at the outline once again and find the easiest chapter to work on
One says: yeah, do it little by little, at your convenience but please start it now
One says: so that you don’t have to do it hurriedly at the end. You may just designate half an hour or an hour daily, just for this project and come what may do it then
Two says: that sounds reasonable.
One says: I think so
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Jul 13, 2009

A Unique Combination of Date and Time in Our Life

On 7 August 2009 at 34 minutes 56 seconds past 12 PM, there is going to be a very unique combination of sate and time. A very special moment in our life time which may not occur in our lives again. (specially for those countries which read day/month/year or dd/mm/yy). Just see below:

12:34:56, 07/August/2009

12:34:56, 07/08/09

12:34:56, 7/8/9


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

So Feel The Moment and dont Forget to LIVE it

Jul 9, 2009

What Do You Suggest ??? A Family Problem

One says: hi
Two says: hi
One says: how r u?
Two says: quite well... Thanks... and u?
One says: fine and tired mentally. Did u get my offline message?
Two says: I think I even replied to it
One says: I got that and send few messages just now. I think you did not get those
Two says: the only thing I got was "regards"
One says: I said I was busy all day with hectic routine and in the evening family friends came for their family issues. And it took 3 hours debating with them
Two says: oh...
One says: and still I don’t think the issue resolved. It might take another session tomorrow and yet another day after and I think I might have to involve some video conferencing
Two says: with these friends?
One says: yeah. In fact Parents are here in (“Country A”). The girl just flew back from (“Country B”) after a fight with her husband, who is still there in (“Country B”)
Two says: I see
One says: Her and His father came to me separately to settle the issue. The boy also called me on cell this evening. Ohh...... listening to all of them I was like.................
Two says: I can imagine...
One says: they have been married for few months only and they are like.......... biting each other. But I think the problem is with the boy
Two says: what about him?
One says: He just cannot tolerate/compromise. Her father sent her a ticket to fly back and the husband never bothered to give her a single penny. She did not have money to get a taxi back home from the airport. She blames he hit her as well. I don’t know how far that is true because He/his father deny that
Two says: that’s pretty bad...
One says: yeah. I still can’t comprehend what to do about it. What do you suggest?
Two says: good question...
One says: lol. Next question....?? Busy?
Two says: all I can say to that is "I don't have an answer but I admire the question" ^^
One says: She is also rude to his parents. She also said he threw her out of the apartment door and said go wherever she wanted to. She also says he forces her to out and find a job for herself rather than sitting at home. She applied few places but could not succeed. She says he then sold some of her Gold things which he denies and says he only sold Gold worth about 1500 Euro
Two says: I’m really sorry... I don’t want to interrupt you... and sorry I don’t have any advice... but there is a heavy thunderstorm outside and I’m being told to turn off the computer... sorry
One says: and spent that on the newly rented apartment. Ohh…ok. No probs. switch off
Two says: ok, see you, bye
One says: thanks

Jul 6, 2009

A Muslim Christian Dialogue About God

One Says: So what does he say what are the attributes of God according to him?
Two says: oh, there are many, the book lists 29 of them, divided in two parts
One says: ok
Two says: the first part deals with attributes only God has, e.g. He was not created by anyone/anything, and He is omnipotent, omnipresent
One says: I am not getting into a debate here, but according to our religion God has 99 major attributes and there are many other which I can list
Two says: and attributes that those who believe in Him, a.k.a. Christians, can also have, e.g. He is Love, He is holy, merciful. There are probably a lot more than just 29
One says: yeah right
Two says: the author has chosen those that seemed "most important" to him I’m NOT saying that the other attributes are not important
One says: Right, he must be having his own philosophy behind it
Two says: The important thing is getting to know God, and you have to start somewhere. Can I ask you a question? I’m not trying to start an argument with this, either just curious
One says: Absolutely right, Yeah sure
Two says: Do you believe that Heaven and Hell exist?
One says: Yeah sure I do
Two says: How do you know where you will be going when you die?
One says: Very Firmly, Lol. That is a big question mark????
Two says: So, you can never be sure whether you will actually go to Heaven?
One says: Depends upon your deeds
Two says: So you just try to "be good" all the time and try to "earn" yourself a place in Heaven?
One says: That’s what nature is. Let me explain one thing to you....listen patiently
Two says: Ok
One says: Who has set the rules about what is good and what is bad?
Two says: God
One says: Who has forbidden something and allowed the other?
Two says: God?
One says: See.... this is the natural answer
Two says: Makes sense
One says: The rules have been set right from the beginning. I cannot permit theft myself or tell you to steal something and it will be good for you. In all societies all religions divine rules or law of nature is all the same. It never changes. Though with the passage of time and lots n lots of population increase we have corrupted few laws. Trying to alter them for our own good. Don’t mind but if I give you the example of gay/lesbian marriages.... it is against nature.
Two says: I agree on that, no need to worry
One says: It may be getting some popularity today but nature will never allow it for long.... Homosexuality and our unnatural acts have brought us many diseases such as AIDS. Sorry it was an obscene example to give but I think this was the best I could relate to. When all rules of good and bad.... have been set by God, Then I firmly believe doing ‘good’ is the key
Two says: I understand that but how do you think did that "negative" behavior start?
One says: Key to success in this world and the next. This brings in the satanic existence. He created Satan to spread evil only to test His people. The greatest thing we were given was wisdom and free will. Wisdom to judge between good and evil
Two says: Wisdom and free will, yes
One says: And free will to act accordingly
Two says: But why would He want to create Satan?
One says: This world is a testing ground, an examination hall, you have been taught, now you will be tested for 2 or 3 hours for the exam and if you pass....... you will get this wonderful job for next 25 years or so. So this world is an exam hall. You will be tested if you deserve the eternal life in bliss or otherwise. This life is just 3 hours
Two says: Okay, I think this is the main difference between our beliefs
One says: Eternal life will be till God allows us to live
Two says: I believe that nobody deserved to go to Heaven. Or, whatever you call the place where some people will spend eternity
One says: Are you Protestant or Catholic?
Two says: Rather Protestant
One says: Ok
Two says: Although Protestantism in itself also has many varieties
One says: I know. Hold on... you said nobody deserves heaven right??
Two says: Yes. That’s what I believe. I don’t deserve it, you don’t, and no one does
One says: In fact we also almost believe the same. We in our life cannot be so pious. Perfect piety is difficult to achieve
Two says: I even say it's impossible for any human
One says: We all are sinful one way or the other
Two says: Without God, Yes
One says: But then we have His Mercy. Though we cannot fulfill all His commands accurately but when we try and do ‘good’, we can have faith in His Mercy to forgive us our sins
Two says: Isn’t that what the Catholics also believe?
Two says: Yes
One says: Thinking? Or busy
Two says: I just said “isn't that what the Catholics also believe?" didn’t that get thru to you?
One says: Sorry I missed that. Almost all religions believe the same and have hope from His Mercy. We are not angels, not Prophets or Apostles or saints..... How can we the commoners be so perfect?
Two says: Yes and I think that's the point. I believe that God is holy and I think you agree? And now it gets interesting. That was the topic of tonight's Bible study
One says: I do agree He is above all
Two says: So that's your definition of holy?
One says: Yes I believe He is above everything, He is not a human who will err, He is not the one who is commanded by anyone, and He is supreme, good and bad are for us, not for Him
Two says: I agree. But I believe that "holy" means even more
One says: Like?
Two says: Well, sadly I don’t speak Hebrew so I cannot explain it to you in detail, but according to the "original" text of the Bible, The word which is translated as "holy" in English, Originally has, among others, the meaning something like "separated from the remaining" He is the only one who is holy
One says: That is absolutely right
Two says: He can "make" things/people holy, if He wants
One says: Nothing in the Universe and even beyond can match Him
Two says: But He is the only one who did not "receive" holiness from someone else. So, if you take the meaning "separated” = holy, and say, that God is holy, which I believe is true of course,
One says: Word ‘separated’ cannot justify HOLY
Two says: Then it also means He is "separated" from mankind (since evil a.k.a. sin, came into this world)
That’s why I put it in quotation marks. The English language is not sufficient for explaining it differently
Anyway, since God is holy, there is no way for a human to get anywhere near Him, because we are all sinners, right?
One says: Nearness to God is something totally different. We are not up to getting "like" Him, He created us and we, angels, Satan, Jin, animals and all other things are His creation. How can creation be like a creator?
Can a radio be a human?
Can a computer be a human?
Can a robot be a human?
Two says: No, you are right about that
One says: He created us... and also created the user's manual (Bible, Quran) which was sent through a tutor (Prophets) to teach us practically
Two says: Ok, now I’ve "lost the thread” let me think what I was going to say
One says: Lol... its ok
Two says: Ok, I meant "near to God", rather as
One says: And by that you don’t mean to be like God
Two says: Yes
One says: Ok
Two says: I meant that
One says: You mean near to God as one having little bit attributes of God
Two says: Ummmm.... how to explain it? I mean that because we are all sinners, there is no way for us to deserve Heaven, a.k.a. to be in the "place" where God is I know, He is not restricted to being in just one place it's very hard to explain but I hope you get what I mean. I was not necessarily referring to having His attributes. Just that sin makes it impossible for us to go to Heaven. I don’t know what the Quran says about that but the Bible says that
One says: I understand that you are limiting God to be present in Heaven. (And also that you know that He is omnipotent) but we don’t deserve to be there with/near Him
Two says: God loves us all and would prefer us all to go to Heaven because He doesn’t like to see us suffer. I am NOT limiting Him to just ebing in Heaven
One says: Ok listen to me now
Two says: I wasn’t done. But go ahead
One says: No you complete first
Two says: Ok, I’ll try to make it short n sweet. I believe that He wants us all to go to Heaven because He loves us and "the wage of sin is death" (written in the Bible, Romans 6:23), and He has to stick to that principle (He has created this principle, and He decided that it should always be valid, I believe that otherwise it wouldn't be in the Bible - His holy word), so everyone who has sinned at least once will go to Hell, that's the way * I see it. Okay, I’m done for now. Now your turn^^
One says: Ok
1. Only the chosen ones (very few) like Prophets, saints will have the honor of being in His presence, (if you call it nearness to God)
Two says: Yes
One says:
2. Others like us, the commoners, (in other words sinners) will have to go through the Day of Judgment
3. Resurrection will take place on the Day of Judgment
4. Our ‘good’ will be weighed against our evil, evil* or bad or bad deeds (whatever). Now definitely we have been doing good acts too (your small good act may be multiplied manifold)
5. If our good deeds outweigh our bad ones, we will go to heaven (a designated place, something like another beautiful planet with abundant resources that we cannot think of)
6. If our bad deeds are more then we will be sent to Hell for always, another place/planet like sun
Two says: And what about God? Where is He? I know this may seems like a stupid question to you
One says: Death is a thing which every living thing, humans, animals, insects, plants even solar system/galaxy etc has to taste
Lol, it’s not stupid, it’s just curious
He is not flesh and bone, that’s His creation, He is not fire, that’s His creation, He is not light even, that’s too is His creation. He is beyond/above everything we see.
If we switch on a light bulb, the light spreads all around. Just see the miracle of sun (His another creation) its light is unlimited, unbounded, spreads all around it millions of miles
If He is creator of such a thing, which is a very small thing if you compare it to the other bodies in universe, then you can well imagine that it is very hard to even imagine or know WHAT IS GOD, and where He lives
Two says: That’s true. But He won't be present in "hell"? Or, He Isn’t
One says: We believe His presence is everywhere
Two says: What is Hell to you? Just physical torture? (Fire?)
One says: It has been explained as such, people in hell will burn, given flesh again and will burn again and many things more which will be done to them
Two says: Ouch sounds painful but I am not saying this out of my own experience but wouldn’t that be easier to endure than psychological?
One says: Have faith in His Mercy
Two says: Anyway, I do believe that Hell means being eternally separated from His presence while Heaven means to be in His presence forever I believe there is nothing greater than that
One says: You are absolutely right about it
Two says: So, if God was also present in "hell", that would defeat the whole idea of heaven and hell
One says: No. That does not mean that. Sun is in God’s domain as everything else is
Two says: Yes
One says: But God does not have to live there
Two says: True
One says: Obama can equally control California as he has control over Washington DC

Two says: Good example. So, of course He also has control over what happens in hell, right?
One says: Sure, He has control of everything in the universe
Two says: That makes sense. Ok, now back to what you said before
One says: Now what
Two says: First of all, I believe that the people u mentioned in your 1st point will also be judged on Resurrection day. The same rules apply to everyone. For example,
One says: Every soul
Two says: Yes. In the Bible, there is the story/report of how the Israelites were led out of Egypt to the "promised land" by Moses. And I do believe Moses was a prophet. Though one might think
One says: For sure He was a Prophet
Two says: He was "better"/more religious/whatever u call it than the other people. But I think, the truth is, he was a sinner just like everyone else. God just chose him. But still, he was a mortal like everyone else. So the same rules apply to him, i.e. he will be judged on resurrection day
One says: Every Prophet is mortal. Only Jesus lives and will come again and then die here (I am sorry but it was necessary to, you know....)
Two says: Can you please explain that a little?
One says: Yes sure all of them will have to go through the process of the Day of Judgment. Explain what?
Two says: What you said about Jesus?
One says: And we will not get in any argument????
Two says: Umm I don't know I’m just curious what you have to say. Please
One says: Lol, ok. Now........ We believe, Jesus was flesh n bone, creation of God, a human and a Prophet. We don’t believe in trinity. We believe him to be the chosen one a very special Prophet of God. Who never died on the cross...
Two says: Ok, I strongly disagree but there's no point in arguing about that right now
One says: And was raised by God just before (people present there thought) he died
Two says: Why?
One says: Because God never wanted him to die, for some other purpose which I will explain. Now Jesus will be sent back to earth again, (flesh n bone) as a savior of the world, He will teach God's message around the globe (which is quite easy now with CNN and BBC and FOX or Internet and all that) and eradicate evil. He will wage wars against evil and almost finish it. A great period of peace will come on the earth. He will live his normal life, and then die as every living thing has to taste death
Two says: Okay, as I said I’m not going to argue about that. Although I still disagree
One says: And billions among all religion will follow Him. You may as you have your own beliefs. I am not telling you to get you agreed on this, you asked for it sweet heart
Two says: Yes, I know. Well, some part inside me really wants to argue about that but I’ll resist the urge
One says: Go ahead please. Tell me what it is
Two says: I’ll try to keep it short as I’m getting tired
One says: Ok
Two says: It all starts with the sin problem we talked about. I believe that:
One says: Ok
Two says: even if you have done more good than bad deeds you cannot "earn yourself" a place in heaven, even if you lead a "good" life, you don’t deserve to go to heaven. No human does. I’m just stating what I believe; I cannot find a way to prove it except that it's what the Bible says. If you don't believe what the Bible says, there is no way for me to prove my beliefs are right. Everything I believe is based on the Bible. And as no one can earn his place in heaven, we need a Savior. Someone who pays the price for our sins and this someone is called Jesus Christ, unlike you, I believe in the trinity, so Jesus IS God. God sacrificed himself because the price needs to be paid - either by us or by Him. There is no other way to go to Heaven; it's only possible because Jesus died for our sins and he rose again from the dead after three days. He lives and He is not just human and he WILL come back but not as a human, but as God as it is written in the last book of the Bible, the Revelation. Ok, I guess I’m done
One says: I can reply all that you wrote but we both have our good beliefs and I think we must leave it here
Two says: Yes, let's leave it like this; I enjoyed our conversation, though
One says: Me too. I will like to move this argument further when you are not tired and we can talk that long again and will definitely like to learn more from your beliefs
Two says: I’ve had even more "intense" arguments with fellow Christians before LOL
One says: It’s good to argue and learn, when you are not damaging your beliefs. You may improve them though if you feel convinced
Two says: (Oh, I just noticed my sunflowers on farm town are ready want to come over and harvest? ) that's true

Jun 25, 2009

From Russia With Love - Anna

Here is another reply of the SPAM i just got.... any views on this one ??
I dont understand what she really wants?


I'm very surprised but at the same time very happy to see your letter.
Surprised ... because I did not think my attempt to make acquaintance
through the Internet could succeed.

You know I rarely go to my mailbox because I am tired of cleaning
spam- from all sorts of penis enlargers, porn links and other
advertising. Sometimes it builds up up to 60 of such letters a day))

And today, with the same intention to remove all this dirt, I logged
in my box. I marked all letters and already wanted to press the DELETE
button, when something made me stop and consider carefully and voila
there was your letter

My mood was raised immediately and I decided to answer leaving all my
affiares)) So I turned on my favorite song "Milene Farmer Appelle mon
numero" and now I'm sitting here in front of the monitor and thinking
about what I'll write you) )

First, what prompted me to try dating in Internet? First, the
curiosity to feel something new and interesting, and more, who knows,
perhaps we are created for one another .. I have not yet encountered
the love of my life, and, like everyone else, I ardently dream of it))
Perhaps it could happen with us?))

So now let's turn to statistics Me, Anna, 27 years old, green eyes,
blond hair, 172 cm of height, born 15 January 1982 I do not talk about
my weight because I'm going to the gym to lose a bit))

My friends say I'm beautiful. I'm not used to self-esteem, but
sometimes I agree with my friends)

I live and work in Kazan in central Russia, about 800 km off Moscow. I
live alone - my parents are retired and live in the suburbs. We do not
often see because it is far enough to visit one another. Moreover,
recently there was a dispute between us because of my work. Do not
think bad of me, but I dance striptease at a night club. In fact, I
see nothing bad in this area. Unfortunately, in Russia, there is the
view that a person who dances striptease is a personality completely
unmorale with whomone one can do anything. It is stupid to think like
that. I am very honest and I do not pay attention to these views. I am
not ashamed of what I do. I do a beautiful dance with erotic elements,
using the plastic of body, which is very charming. I create a feerique
atmosphere in the club,plus I get more money for this. And what is
your opinion of this thing?

But my parents have thought otherwise. My mother did not want to talk
with me and called me all kinds of inproper names. Dad, on the
contrary, supported me. By the way, it was he who convinced my mother
that their daughter did nothing wrong. Now we've kind of forgotten our
quarrel, and we love each other.

In principle, I can understand the mum. She always wanted me to
connect my life with the language. Accordingly, at school, I studied
English strongly. But the love of dance led me to choose another
sport. But the English, I do not cease to improve it - I watch movies
in english, read some books in english and, you know, I can now
communicate with you)

Well, it is time to finish for today. I hope we can become good
friends. Tell me more about you. What is your favorite music? What
films do you prefer? You know, I have many questions to ask and I do
not even know how to start))

Here is my new picture, I expect yours too.

Take care and write me when you can.


Jun 23, 2009

Murree Hill Resort - Pakistan

Few day back I happen to visit Murree Hills after a long time. This is the peak season in Murree and lots of tourist were there to enjoy the lovely weather. Murree Hills are located about an hour drive from Islamabad, The Capital of Pakistan. About 7,000 feet above sea level, it is a wonderful resort with all the facilities one can imagine. During the peak season hotel prices are very high but off peak the rates get much lower. In near vicinity of Murree you can find Chair Lift and Cable Car facility to have a bird's eye view of Murree and surrounding Area. Here is a recent photograph taken from Chair Lift :

About few kilometers you also find a luxurious 4 Star hotel, Pearl Continental and a beutiful lush green, nine hole golf course with ideal environment for golfers around the globe. This is one of the best golf course I ever witnessed, with all kind of modern facilities.
Lots of walking/jogging tracks are also found in Murree Hills running in and around the hills giving you sights of lovely green valleys. There is also a famous bazar on Mall Road where you find everything you need.

Jun 21, 2009

SPAM in reply to my "hmmmm"

This is the counter reply I received when I replied back a SPAM few days ago. I had just written a "hmmmmm" in reply and the girl named Anna sent this mail with two of her photos. Interestingly these two photos do not match the one sent in the previous mail. Here is the paste of SPAM content:

Hello my new friend!

It's very nice to see your letter in my email. How are you?

In relations I am searching trust, care, kindness ect. And I think

that only at presence of all these components the true love is

possible. And I should be frank with you from the first words. So, I

want tell, that you not only one the man with whom I correspond. And I

hope, that you will understand me. The first, as you know, I

beautiful, attractive and very sexual women :) And I have many

admirers both in a real life and in the Internet, But in a real life I

do not see the man with whom I can connect the life, therefore I have

decided to try to find him in the Internet. I understand, that here

(in the Internet) same people and I have no illusions in this

occasion. I want to hope only, that I meet the love and not important

for me from what country, what religion and what race there will be

the most dear person for me. Do you understand me?

What is your reason searching someone in the Internet?

I do not have experience of international dating, but some time I use

Russian dating sites, then I have free time. And I have noticed one

bad tendency acquaintances in the Internet. The majority of Russian

men with whom I had correspondence wanted to seize my body or they

simply played. Cheerfully spend time. I do not want to seem rough but

if you the Internet the actor, do not write to me else. Because I do

not want to waste time and think that you too :)

I attach my photos. Can you send me some photo of you??? Thank you.

I'll be glad receive your soon reply. Your new friend Anna.

I have again sent a "hmmmm" message in reply. let us see what the spammer does next.

How to Fix Big Ben Time ?

How To See a Distant Relative

While travelling a sardar was carrying a binocular with him. But he never seemed to use it while looking outside the window.
A co-passenger who was travelling with him asked why he was carrying binoculars.
The sardar simply said, "I am on my way to see a distant relative".

Jun 19, 2009

SPAM - What Pupose will it serve?

This is a new kind of SPAM(Self Promotional Advertising Message) I just recieved with a photo of a girl. Just go through it and see how she is trying to lure in. Anyone who knows whats the purpose behinde? I have just replied with a "Hmmmmm". Lets us see what she replies back. I will keep all readers posted on response. ;)
Here is the original content of the SPAM recieved,

My name is Anna, from Russia. I have many various hobby's I like walk,
go to the cinema, read, listen music ect... But for first letter it
will be very big volume of information about me. I think, I shall can
tell you more after, and let me know please, are you really
interesting relation with me? If yes, please tell me more about
itself, what you like, dislike? What kind of women you want meet? What
type your work? Hobby? And all that you want tell to me :)
As for me I want meet the serious man for serious relations, and the
first requirement the truth. I'm here to start with you special
relation based on trust and respect to achieves our aspirations
together and looking for you to enter my life to be for me the best
men on this earth. I'm looking for serious relation to start new
family with my soul mate I'm sure you are that you want to know every
thing about me do you know why ? the answer simply : because your
heart looking for real love and tenderness unlimited I know your heart
beating now because you are lonely now and looking to fill your heart
with pure and real love I hope you will feel with me the real
happiness and you will get your aspiration fact and you will find in
me the the real characteristics of women and future wife in me to be
rest in the remaining of our ages I think you will agree with me. so
now I hope to read this page from my life book because you means for
me so much and looking to build with you clean and respect relation.
Sincerely, Anna.

Zsa Zsa Gabor

Amazing Facts

  • Donald Duck comics were banned in Finland because he doesn't wear pants
  • A tiny amount of liquor on a scorpion will make it go mad instantly and sting itself to death
  • By raising your legs slowly and lying on your back, you can't sink in quicksand
  • Guinness Book of Records holds the record for being the book most often stolen from Public Libraries
  • The Polar Bear can reach 25 miles / hr of speed
  • Leonardo Da Vinci could write with one hand and draw with the other at the same time
  • Chocolate affects a dog's heart and nervous system. A few ounces will kill a small sized dog
  • Most lipsticks contain fish scales

Jun 18, 2009

For Lunch Again

Three Construction workers are working on the 20th floor of a tall building in Bombay. One is a Mallu, the second is a Bengali and the third is a Sardarji. Every day all the three meet in the lunch hall and have their lunch together.
One fine day, the Mallu opened his lunch box and finds idlis in the box. He says "I am fed up of eating these idlis daily. If I find idlis in the box tomorrow, i will jump from the 20th floor and die".
Next the Bengali opens his lunch box and finds fish in it and says "If I find fish in my lunch box tomorrow, I am going to jump from the 20th floor of this building and die".
Next the Sardarji opens his lunch box and finds Parathas in it and says "If I find parathas in my box tomorrow I am also going to jump and die".
The next day the three friends meet for lunch. Mallu opens his lunch box and finds Idlis and promptly jumps from the 20th floor and dies. The Bengali opens his lunch box and finds fish in it and jumps from the 20th floor and dies. Sardarji opens his box and finds parathas and he also jumps from the 20th floor and dies
In the combined funeral held for all the three friends by their colleagues, the Mallu's widow says "I did not know he hated idlis so much. If not I would have packed something else for his lunch".
The Bengali's widow says "I did not know he hated fish so much. If not I would have packed something else for his lunch".
The Sardarji's widow says "I do not understand what went wrong. My husband always prepared his own lunch!”

Interesting Facts

  • It is illegal to own a red car in shanghai china
  • True to spin an egg, It’s strange that a hard-boiled egg will spin but an uncooked or soft-boiled egg will not
  • Astronauts cannot burp in space
  • People with blue eyes see better in dark
  • The snowiest city in the USA is Blue Canyon, California.
  • Lake Nicaragua in Nicaragua is the only fresh water lake in the world that has sharks
  • Kite flying is a professional sport in Thailand
  • The gasoline can not freeze no matter how cold the temperature falls
  • Human stomach produces a new layer of mucus every two weeks otherwise it will digest itself
  • Every person has a unique tongue print

Jun 17, 2009

Quotes From Millionaire Mindset

  1. If you don’t have a dream, if I don’t have a dream, how are we going to make a dream come true? (Mary Martin)
  2. If you want to turn your dreams into reality, you can’t just sit around. (Larry Walters)
  3. There is no compromise in a dream. Compromise is an excuse for falling short while you lay on your couch in front of your TV with your remote control and your glass of beer, watching someone else run with your dream. (The Closer, Movie)
  4. Other people don’t stop you from dreaming. You stop yourself. You get in your own way because you are afraid of what you might become, even if that something is a wonderful thing. (The Closer, Movie)
  5. Any idea you choose to keep in your mind will begin at once to form through the most convenient physical form. (Dale Carnegie)
  6. The Law of Attraction attracts to you everything you need, according to the nature of your thought of life. Your environment and financial condition are the perfect reflection of your habitual thinking. (Joseph Edward)
  7. Humankind’s economic output over less than one hundred years has already exceeded the economic output of the previous one hundred centuries. (Paul Zane Pilzer)